I come to painting from a place of infinite curiosity and wonder. Gesture/movement/light begin the journey. Working from life and capturing quickly the essence of the image keeps you authentic.

From abstract landscapes to figurative drawings to sculptural installation my artwork is about creating environments that describe both a representational and a symbolic ecosystem- working with imagery to portray sense of place, movement- the dance of interaction, preserving the fragile and daring the future.

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I am both versed in representational painting and in working with pushing the limits of materials.

I like working with basic foundations: drawing, gesture, and learning how materials(paints) work. I am also a self proclaimed materials "geek"- how do materials affect the rhythm of the line, create movement, add layers and more?

As a teaching artist with Golden Artist Colors for the past 10 years,I have explored in depth acrylics, oils and watercolors and their applications. I teach classes/give lecture demos that are both materials based but also begin with learning foundational skills. They range from "Basic Drawing and Painting" to "Experimental Surfaces", "Textures","Pouring Paint", "Gels and Grounds for Acrylics and Watercolors" and "Inspired by (artists, patterns in nature, color)".

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Murals , Painted Furniture, Commissions

I have been painting murals both for private and corporate clients from New York City to Chicagoland, from shuttered city blocks to beautiful mansions, from small powder rooms to murals that grace the sides of buildings.


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Teaching schedule. . .Upcoming Workshops and Lectures

Mixed Media Acrylics, lecture/demo with hands on 

Friday, July 13, 1:00-3 :00

The Art Center , 1957 Sheridan Rd., Highland Park, IL 60035        Join us for a FREE workshop exploring several textures made with GOLDEN gels and pastes. Free samples  RSVP, 847.668.1503