Chicago Tree Project

Hatlestad/Bacon- "Fancy Birds"
How do you combine the talents of a woodworker with incredible skills, and an imaginative painter? John Hatlestad and I took the challenge- building upon his love of recycling unusual materials(in this case, old carwash parts found in a dumpster) and my love of birds and dragons with flowing tails and bright, bold patterns.
We made 4 birds( beach balls, and pool noodles covered in fabric and epoxied), and 4 nests (the round car brushes)
Thanks to help from the amazing Chicago Park District, and inspirational Chicago Sculpture International we installed our piece in December, 2017 in a tree just south of the Peggy Noteabaert Nature Museum (near the Lincoln Park Zoo)
Our artwork will be up for a year, and we are making an audio for the tour. Please visit

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